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Group News

Case study: A day in the life of Dr Sharon Williams

Dr Sharon Williams

Dr Williams explains how she got interested in science, and why she'd ban the word boffin.

Mixed Mode Chromatography - conference papers

Mixed Mode Chromatography

The purpose of this meeting was to provide an update into these new ligands and demonstrate the utility of this technique in a process environment. We reviewed new areas of application for mixed mode chromatography in the bioseparations industries and the complementarity of this approach to established chromatographic processes.

IEX 2008 - conference papers

IEX 2008

Ion exchange is one of the basic separation and purification technologies of modern industry. The SCI IEX Conferences began in 1954 and have been established as one of the major international conferences for the ion exchange community.

Separation science and technology: reviewing its past to map out its future

Separation science and technology winners

Separation technology is fundamental to all chemical production processes. The separation techniques used are common to a range of industries and are continuously developing.