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Meet the Committee

Chair's message

Welcome to the web pages of the Young Chemists' Panel of the Fine Chemicals Group. The Young Chemists' Panel is involved in the design and running of conferences, workshops, and other meetings which are of interest to younger members of the organic chemistry community. Additionally, we are interested raising public and media awareness of all aspects of chemistry.

I hope you will use these pages to find further details of our activities and forthcoming meetings.

Young Chemists' Panel

Committee biographies and photographs


Dr Chris Jones


Mr Robert Davidson


Dr Ed Cochrane

Ordinary Members:
  Dr Ed Balmond
  Dr Sophie Bertrand
  Dr Peter Blencowe
  Ms Silvia Bonomo
  Dr Alistair Boyer
  Mr Chris Brown
  Mx Nessa Carson
  Dr Doyle Cassar
  Dr Ben Chappell
  Dr Alex Cresswell
  Dr Dave Daniels
  Dr Edward Emmett
  Dr Max Espensen
  Dr Ilenia Giangreco
  Miss Paula Jackson
  Ms Fiona Laraman
  Dr Rebecca Melen
  Dr Kiri North
  Dr David Nelson
  Dr Ben Partridge
  Dr Thomas Pesnot
  Mr Oliver Ring
  Dr Kimberly Roper
  Dr Jo Sampson
  Dr Adam Smalley
  Dr Sam Thompson
  Dr Nicole Trainor
  Dr Nina Ursinyova
  Dr Damien Valette
  Dr Lewis Vidler
  Dr Benjamin Whitehurst
  Dr Claire Wilson

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