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Terms & Conditions

SCI is charity. Supporters are encouraged to become Full Members of the Society of Chemical Industry and therefore receive the associated benefits. Please enquire at meetingrooms@soci.org for current details.

1. Bookings

Written acknowledgement of these terms constitutes formal acceptance of your booking.  A signed and dated copy of these terms must be received by the Room Bookings team within 5 working days of pro-forma date, along with 25% deposit within 30 days of invoice, in order to secure your booking.

1.1. Garden Room Bookings: Garden Room includes the Conservatory and the Kitchen. Bookings for the Garden Room without the Auditorium will not be confirmed more than 4 weeks in advance.

1.2. Confirmation of requirements: Clients must supply all relevant information to the Room Hire team no later than 5 working days prior to the event. This includes, but is not limited to, final numbers, seating arrangements, catering and AV requirements. SCI is under no obligation to meeting requirements received after this deadline.

2. Periods of Booking

Duration of sessions, weekday only:

 Session Full Day Morning Afternoon Evening
 Start Time 8:30 8:30 13:00 17:30
 End Time 17:00 12:30 17:00 23:00

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all set-up and break-down of events must be within the listed times. If the client wishes to extend the use of a room beyond the standard session times listed, special arrangement must be made in advance otherwise penalties will incur.

*evening session times may vary during special offer periods and by prior arrangement at any other time

3. Payment

All Payments are subject to VAT where applicable.

3.1. Deposit: A 25% deposit is payable upon written acceptance of these terms.

3.2. Full payment: The remaining balance must be paid within 30 days of invoice, to be issued on the date of your event.

3.2. Discounted Room Hire: Reduced rates apply to organisations with registered charity status. Standard rates apply to Trade associations.

4. Cancellation

Notification of cancellation must be given in writing, charges are levied as follows: 

Point of Notice

Charge on Room Hire

(inc. AV & internal services)

Charge on Dedicated Services

(External Suppliers)

6 months None, deposit returned None
3 - 6 months 25% or deposit forfeit None
2 weeks - 3 months 50% Subject to supplier charges
Less than 2 weeks 100% Subject to supplier charges

SCI cannot be held responsible for failure to complete the contract owing to exceptional weather conditions, or any other circumstances beyond the control of the Society. If required, external supplier terms should be requested at the point of confirming booking.

5. Insurance

The Client will be responsible and will indemnify SCI for all accidents, injuries, and losses and for the cost of repair for any damage done to any part of the property or the contents of the building which may occur from any cause whatsoever in connection with their use of the premises and for any claims made against the owner by any third party as a result of the acts of the client or the clients guests. The client must carry insurance to cover these risks along with adequate public liabilities insurance. Copies of the clients insurance policies to be made available to the Society on request. SCI carries statutory public liabilities insurance.

6. On the day

6.1. SCI contact and staff: a member of the room bookings team will be available to handle any enquiries but the event organiser should be identified at reception so that any urgent messages can be relayed efficiently.

6.2. Access for disabled: The Belgravia Function Rooms have very limited disabled access; contact the Room Bookings team for details

6.3. Fire: Fire Alarm Tests are carried out at 10:00am every Friday (24 hours earlier if the Friday falls on a Bank Holiday). No action should be taken during a test unless advised to do so by a fire warden. In the event of a fire the fire alarm (continuous ringing) will activate and SCI staff with assist in the evacuation of all guests to the assembly point. The event organiser should make themselves familiar with all fire escapes prior to the start of the event.

6.4. Entrance to the building: Subject to availability, the dedicated events entrance (building 14) may be offered for client use. This must be confirmed in writing and the client must supervise this at all times whilst the doors are open. The client assumes full responsibility for all delegates using this entrance. Where access is via the main reception (building 15), SCI staff will be present between the hours of 8.00 and 17.00. Outside of these hours, appropriate signage will be provided but the client assumes responsibility for delegates entering and exiting the building for their event.

6.5. Equipment and materials: SCI cannot be held responsible for any equipment or materials that are brought onto the premises by the client and additionally reserves the right to refuse any items that are perceived to be hazardous. Clients are responsible for ensuring that all electrical and ancillary equipment that they bring on to the premises meet current statutory safety standards.

6.6. Storage of materials and rubbish: Any storage of materials to be left (i.e. for collection by a courier) must be confirmed in writing, prior to the start of the event. Unless otherwise agreed, clients are responsible for removing all rubbish and waste material from the premises at the end of the event. In the event that this is undertaken by SCI, a charge may be levied accordingly.

6.7. Signage and publicity material: Owing to the venue’s nature as a listed building, nothing should be attached to the walls, doors or railings under any circumstance. Signage can be provided where appropriate and should be discussed with the room bookings team prior to the event. All publicity material for the event should clearly list the organisers contact details.

6.8. Internet and Wifi: Internet is provided for all clients through the guest wifi network, free of charge.

6.9. Resources: Phone calls through SCI’s switchboard and photocopying/printing may be arranged with the Room Bookings team, at a nominal charge.

6.10. Smoking policy: the Belgravia Function Rooms operate a non-smoking policy in the all areas of the venue, except the gardens where the provided ashtrays must be used.

6.11. Set up: Rooms and AV equipment will be provided and set up as per the agreement in the booking and communications with the organiser prior to the event. All specific requirements should be given in advance, requests and changes on the day cannot be guaranteed.

7. Caution

SCI reserves the right without liability to refuse a booking or to cancel a booking on immediate notice by reason of circumstances: (a) beyond its control and/or (b) conflicting with its objectives as a Learned Society.

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