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Corporate Memberships

SCI is delighted to work with companies and organisations through our Corporate Membership scheme. This programme is open to both large and small employers to invest in their staff by offering them an annual subscription to SCI. This enables horizon-expanding opportunities for employees and access to a wealth of resources. Membership packages are tailored to the needs of the organisation. Possible benefits include:

  • Discounted membership fees
  • Discounted room hire
  • Access to C&I magazine
  • Promotional opportunities (SCI events, SCI’s website and profile in C&I)
  • Opportunity to participate in SCI mentoring scheme
  • Priority places at key SCI events

Our Corporate Members recognise the value of SCI’s global network of forward-looking scientists, researchers, business leaders, students and engineers and broadly fit into three categories:

  • Platinum: Large to global organisations, with a minimum of 20 SCI members. Research, development and manufacturing as their main organisational goals
  • SME: Small and medium organisations, with 5-10 SCI members. Research, development and manufacturing as their main organisational goals
  • Associate: Organisations of any size, with a minimum of 5 SCI members. For organisations, which support scientific and engineering industries e.g. equipment suppliers, patent firms, marketing and service agencies

If you would like to become a Corporate Member, please contact membership@soci.org

Current Corporate Members include:

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