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Profile: Arcinova


Arcinova is a Contract Research and Development Organisation (CRDO), providing the life sciences industry with a comprehensive range of services. They are focused on Process Research & Development, Scale-Up, advanced manufacturing, analytical development, stability studies, bioanalysis, DMPK, regulatory and consulting services, both for drug candidates under development and those launched to the market.

Their mission is to become the most-trusted partner for customers, working collaboratively with stakeholders to create a successful future for all. As part of this, they aim to supply best in-class technology services to the pharmaceutical industry, maximising effectiveness whilst minimising risk and overall cost of delivery for their customers with agility and innovation, all in a timely manner.

These goals and interests particularly overlap with SCI’s Fine Chemicals Group and Young Chemists’ Panel, both of which provide links into medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, process development and new developments in synthetic chemistry.

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