SCI supports Black Chemists Week 2022 in celebration of Black chemists

9 August 2022


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SCI supports #BlackChemistsWeek 2022 (August 7th – 13th)

This month marks the second anniversary of BlackInChem’s #BlackChemistsWeek, which celebrates Black chemists at all stages of their careers. Founded in the US to promote global networks among Black chemists, the initiative highlights their achievements in the chemistry industry and associated scientific fields. SCI (Society of Chemical Industry) is pleased to promote the week again, acknowledging that today’s complex global scientific challenges require diverse collaboration and solutions.

Sharon Todd, SCI CEO, said:

‘SCI believes in the importance of diversity for advancing innovation. Sharing examples of best practice and discussing career blocks for Black chemists should be industry priorities. We will be showcasing the talent of Black chemists during #BlackChemistsWeek2022 and profiling them to inspire others.’

She added:

‘As well as highlighting issues and challenges for the industry, SCI is also committed to promoting how organisations are working successfully to retain diverse talent – so others can learn from case studies of best practice.’

During his inaugural speech in July 2022, SCI’s new President, Paul Drechsler, CBE, voiced the critical need for more diversity, calling for stronger commitment from the sector by saying:

‘When I look at the proportion of Black, Asian and other ethnic minorities in all our industries, we’re just not on the pace. And why is that? Is it because we have not attracted them at the beginning, or have not appreciated or recognised them on the way through? Are we not sponsoring or mentoring them? These are all the things we do brilliantly in this industry with our assets – so, I think that may be a second thought for us all.’

For further information on the week’s events, please visit the #BlackInChem website.


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