From factory gate to circular economy – how Life Cycle Assessment is driving sustainable change

20 April 2023


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SCItalk – Wednesday 31st May 2023 16.00 – 17.00 (online)

Once a product leaves the factory gate, businesses often lose track of that product’s impact in the outside world. Life Sciences and Consumer Care company Croda has developed a life cycle assessment (LCA) tool to monitor a product’s long-term impact, looking at a product’s environmental performance through the entire value chain.

In this free forthcoming SCI (Society of Chemical Industry) SCItalk, Croda’s Group Sustainability Specialist Dr Antonia Doncila will outline how Croda is embedding LCA expertise across the organisation and using its LCA tool to deliver sustainable solutions in a circular economy.

Over the hour-long talk, Dr Doncila will explain how by utilising LCA, Croda is able to more fully understand and minimise the negative impacts of its activity and ingredients on the environment.

Founded in 1925, Croda’s science is found in the products around us in our daily lives – from sun protection to crop yields, seed enhancement and life-saving pharmaceuticals. With nearly 6,000 employees, the company operates in 92 locations across 39 countries. Croda’s footprint balances the need for efficient manufacturing operations with the desire to be close to customers. The company has a restorative sustainability strategy that sees it committed to being the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients by becoming Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030.

Dr Doncila said:

‘This move to more fully understand our impact across the whole value chain is a really exciting time for us at Croda. Through LCAs, we obtain a wealth of information on the environmental footprint of our products which helps us maximise opportunities around risk mitigation and sustainable design, as well as build greater industry partnerships, combine efforts with our suppliers and customers and achieve transparency, and integrity, across entire supply chains on a cradle to grave basis.

‘The potential to generate both business and societal value through LCA work is immense, but key to its success is ensuring best practice is shared across peers in our industry.’

Dr Doncila completed a PhD in Chemical Oceanography at the University of Edinburgh exploring the nutrient cycling in the Arctic Ocean, in the context of climate change. Having joined Croda in 2021, she is responsible for developing and rolling out frameworks and processes to monitor best practice and drive continuous improvement.

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