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General News

Efficiency standards could help reduce farming pollution

15 Oct 2018

A new report has urged the agriculture sector to adopt measures similar to the fuel-efficiency standards set by the automotive industry to reduce nitrogen pollution caused by fertilisers.

UK food industry intensifies its search for Brexit answers

11 Oct 2018

Organised by independent global resource New Food, the goal of Food Brexit 2018 is to provide a final platform for the food industry to seek answers to essential questions raised by Brexit, and to coordinate an industry-wide response.

Pharmaceutical leaders kick off CPhI 2018 in closed-door session

08 Oct 2018

On Tuesday morning, a group of the pharmaceutical industry’s global leaders met in an unprecedented closed-door session in Madrid at CPhI Worldwide, the world’s leading pharmaceutical exhibition.

Molecule now released! 6th National SCI/RSC Retrosynthesis Competition

08 Oct 2018

The 6th National SCI/RSC Retrosynthesis Competition is back and is here to showcase the calibre of UK chemists from both industry and academia, and provide a platform for them to demonstrate their retrosynthetic and forward synthetic prowess!

Platinum breaks strongest carbon bond

07 Oct 2018

A new platinum (Pd) catalyst can break one of the strongest chemical bonds known – the carbon-fluorine bond – which could lead to breakthroughs in chemical synthesis and environmental pollution clean-up.

New system speeds up biopharma production

04 Oct 2018

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US, have developed a portable drug manufacturing system that can make several different biopharmaceuticals to be used in precision medicine or to treat outbreaks in developing countries.

Interview: DSA recipient Dr Kevin Smith

03 Oct 2018

Dr Kevin Smith is one of this year’s three recipients of SCI’s Distinguished Service Awards (DSA). He joined SCI in 1989 and is a committee member of SCI’s Lipids group. Here, Kevin describes his involvement and experiences at SCI.