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General News

Organic food consumers report better general health

17 Jul 2019

An online, open access questionnaire has revealed that the majority of respondents who consume organic food report a feeling of better general health, including an improved resistance to illness.

Research determines how pathogens can outwit our immune system

16 Jul 2019

Advances in biotechnology from the University of Bonn, Germany, have determined how an enzyme changes its shape and stimulate the infection.

SCI America Innovation Day 2019

15 Jul 2019

SCI America’s Innovation Day, to be hosted in 2019 in association with the Science History Institute on 9-10 September, puts a spotlight on the chemical industry’s future.

PoliSCI (w/e 12 July 2019)

12 Jul 2019

Your weekly digest of policy news, funding competitions, and calls for evidence.

Government and industry commit £720m to Industrial Strategy challenges

11 Jul 2019

A £720m public-private joint investment will support 11 projects working to commercialise new innovations to solve the Industrial Strategy’s Grand Challenges.

Report: Electrochemistry Postgraduate Conference 2019

10 Jul 2019

The SCI Electrochemistry Postgraduate Conference 2019 was hosted by the School of Engineering of Newcastle University on 31 May 2019.

Funding given to map global effects of crop disease

09 Jul 2019

The Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI), UK, has received US$200,000 to bridge the data gap in plant health and measure the global burden of crop pests and diseases, which will help aid policymakers progress plant health goals.

Interview: DSA recipient Steve East

08 Jul 2019

Dr Steve East is one of this year’s two recipients of SCI’s Distinguished Service Awards. He has sat on the Fine Chemicals Group (FCG) committee since 2001. Here, Steve describes his involvement and experiences at SCI.

PoliSCI (w/e 5 July 2019)

05 Jul 2019

Your weekly digest of policy news, funding competitions, and calls for evidence.

AGM 2019: Review

05 Jul 2019

SCI's 138th AGM took place on Wednesday 3 July 2019.

SCI welcomes Paul Booth OBE as President

03 Jul 2019

Paul Booth OBE begins his second spell as SCI Honorary President on 3 July 2019, succeeding Neil Carson OBE, who has carried out the duties of the post outstandingly since 2015.

Meet SCI’s 2019 DSA and Lampitt Medal winners

03 Jul 2019

Three Society Member Recognition Awards were awarded at the 138th SCI AGM, held on Wednesday 3 July 2019 at SCI HQ.

Cyber power to increase efficiency of wind energy production

02 Jul 2019

A €2m High Performance Computing (HPC) project between Europe and Brazil will explore the optimisation of wind power using novel algorithms.

Digital Talks 2019: Transforming Industry Together

01 Jul 2019

On 11 June 2019, 1,000 professionals from several major industries came together at the Siemens’ ‘Digital Talks’ event to hear 37 expert talks on digital transformation.