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General News

Nanoparticle material could prevent hospital infection

21 Feb 2018

Materials scientists at the University of Manchester have developed an antibacterial material that could be used to prevent the spread of infection in hospitals.

BSI seeks comment on soil standards

20 Feb 2018

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has requested comment from relevant parties on two draft standards relating to soil quality.

Will Brexit damage the UK's nuclear fusion prospects?

13 Feb 2018

The UK is currently host to the largest nuclear fusion experiment in the world, but will Brexit endanger its position as a leader in the nuclear sector?

Newsletter February 2018

12 Feb 2018

The EHS Group newsletter is designed to inform recipients about the activities carried out by your fellow active members. The purpose of this newsletter is to brief readers about the ongoing issues with which the Group is involved and to provide a catalyst for feedback and stimulus to encourage wider involvement by members.

Transgenic maize produces kernels during drought

12 Feb 2018

Through the introduction of a rice gene, scientists have produced a maize plant that harvests more kernels per plant – even in periods of drought.

Manufacturing sectors disproportionally affected by Brexit, says report

07 Feb 2018

A new report published by economists at the University of Sussex suggests that of the five proposed Brexit scenarios laid out by the government, none would result in a positive outcome for manufacturing in the UK.

Bright SCIdea Challenge – all videos available now!

06 Feb 2018

All six Bright SCIdea Challenge training videos are now available!

Process developed to optimise solar cell mixtures

06 Feb 2018

A new quantitative approach to identifying effective mixtures for organic solar cells could improve processing times and efficiency

What a Chemist needs to know about Patents - Event Preview

02 Feb 2018

Piecing together the puzzle of IP, the SCI Young Chemists’ Panel and UK-US trademark attorneys and litigators, EIP, are holding a one-day workshop in London on 23 April 2018 entitled 'What a chemist needs to know about patents'.

Our Membership Survey is here!

01 Feb 2018

SCI's newly-formed Membership Committee are launching a survey to help us further understand the interests and concerns of our members.

Innovation in Design and Acquisition of Compound Screening Libraries - event preview

01 Feb 2018

This one-day symposium on Tuesday 15 May 2018 seeks to inform and create a dynamic environment for discussion. In this ever-evolving area, it is critical to understand the current design and selection methods of compound screening libraries, along with the range of available business models for library acquisition and enhancement.