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Policy News


SCI aims to keep our members informed about the ever-changing political landscape and the impacts on science and industry.

SCI works to respond to government inquiries, underlining the importance of the chemical industry to the growth of the UK economy. In addition to this, SCI will provide informative news pieces to assess the impact that the UK leaving the European Union may have on science and technology.

A summary of articles relating to SCI’s policy work can be found below.

March 2020

Scientists urge government to improve marine management measures

February 2020

Global economy will be hit by decline in natural assets

Coastal flooding will cause major economic losses

January 2020

New centre brings experts together

December 2019

The Chemistry Council Innovation Conference: Road to Net Zero

November 2019

Focus on net positive outcomes for nature

October 2019

Marginal emissions can improve the effectiveness of policies

UK Government updates REACH guidance for Brexit scenarios

September 2019

An integrated approach to air and climate protection

Assessing pollution from industry sectors

£10M fund for business organisations to prepare for a no-deal Brexit

August 2019

Urge to support the International Centre for AI, Energy and Climate

Brexit's impact on the scientific community

July 2019

Over £200m committed to revolutionise sustainable packaging  

Government and industry commit £720m to Industrial Strategy challenges

June 2019

Report: Parliamentary Links Day 2019 

Delivery plans for UKRI outline 2.4% GDP ambitions

May 2019

New Future Leader Fellows to tackle global challenges 

Workforce training vital to prepare for future markets, say OECD 

Chemical sector could capture £4.8bn annually from UK battery supply chain

April 2019

Chemical industry calls for government to secure Brexit deal

March 2019

Partial Horizon Europe deal agreed

Report: Voice of the Future 2019

How did science fair in the 2019 Spring Statement? 

Two few competitors for tech giants limiting innovation, says review 

Innovate UK calls for new Smart Grants applications

December 2018

Businesses told to prepare for no-deal Brexit

November 2018

Government commits £60m to sustainable packaging

October 2018

Budget 2018: What you need to know

September 2018

Manufacturing growth slows due to Brexit uncertainty, says CBI

Defra publishes landmark post-Brexit Agriculture Bill

Government publishes Horizon 2020 Brexit advice

June 2018

Defra's 'world-leading' microbeads ban comes into effect

May 2018 

UKRI Strategic Prospectus published

Ministers' update on Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges

April 2018

Government 'lacks ambitious plan' for R&D funding 

Commonwealth climate change tech receives £8m 

Research England invests £67m into HE commercialisation

UKRI launches today

March 2018 

Government launches £220m Clean Air Fund

Draft Brexit deal ensures EU science fund until 2020 

Innovation drives policy... in an electric car

Bill proposed to improve soil quality

Report: Voice of the Future 2018

February 2018 

Business Secretary announces £90m for agritech

BSI seeks comment on soil standards 

Manufacturing sectors disproportionally affected by Brexit, says report 

January 2018

UKRI launches roadmap

SCI preparing submission to Brexit science and innovation enquiry

An environmental plan for the future

Who's who in the January cabinet reshuffle

BEIS announces smart energy investment   

December 2017

Gove outlines new plan to reduce plastic waste 

Care needs can be met by ‘harnessing technology’

Chemical industry call for EU regulatory consistency

Brexit ‘breakthrough’ paves way for trade talks

November 2017

Weekly Policy Round-up: 24 November 2017

Weekly Policy Round-up: 17 November 2017 

REF 2021: How can industry help make an impact?

Weekly Policy Round-up: 10 November 2017

Innovate UK announces loans for late stage innovation

Weekly Policy Round-up: 3 November 2017 

October 2017

Future UK scientific success will rely on international allies, say experts 

PoliSCI 13/10/17

PoliSCI 06/10/17

September 2017

PoliSCI 29/09/2017

PoliSCI 15/09/2017

July 2017

PoliSCI 21/07/2017

News update: Euratom

PoliSCI 07/07/2017

June 2017

PoliSCI 30/06/2017

April 2017

Response to BEIS Industrial Strategy Green Paper

March 2017

Comment article – how will Brexit impact science and business?

February 2017

Response to call from Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for evidence regarding the future of the UK bioeconomy

January 2017

News update: priorities for Brexit negotiations

December 2016

Panel debate: Brexit and the UK Industrial Strategy, Chaired by Paul Drechsler, President of CBI

November 2016

Comment article – what will happen to science after Brexit?

October 2016

Response to Business, Innovation and Skills Committee inquiry into the Government's industrial strategy

September 2016

Response to call from Scientific Select Committee about the implications for science based industries and innovation following Brexit

July 2016

SCI at Parliamentary Links day

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