SCI's Energy and Climate book, published with its partner, Wiley, is intended to be the first in a series.

Energy and Climate: How to achieve a successful energy transition by Dr Alexandre Rojey, former Director for Sustainable Development at IFP (formerly the Institut Français du Pétrole) in France, examines why we require a sustainable energy system. It also considers the range of technologies needed to move beyond a fossil fuel-based system with its environmental and future supply limitations.

SCI members enjoy a 50% discount on this book, as well as others published by Wiley (excluding major reference works).

SCI's joint publishing venture is aimed at reaching out to scientists and other professionals in these fields, as well as other interested audiences. Each title will present a commercial context for R&D in keeping with the Society's industrial heritage.

Members and others are welcome to offer suggestions on potential future topics and authors. While the current focus is on sustainable energy, other areas are also of interest, including the provision of clean drinking water and affordable food for the rising global population, as well as mitigation of environmental pollution. For more information, please contact Samantha Foskett, Executive Commissioning Editor for SCI at Wiley, on E: sfoskett[at]

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