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    Bright SCIdea Challenge - show us you mean business

    Duration: 2:07 7 February 2018 Sharon Todd, Victor Christou, Lucinda Bruce-Gardybe, Darren Smyth, Georgia Lubbock

    Are you a UK or ROI university student and budding entrepreneur with a plausible concept for a product or service? Wondering how you go about commercialising your product and build a business?

    Enter the Bright SCIdea challenge now and we will provide you with free accredited business planning training and the chance to win a £1,000 cash prize.

    To help young scientists develop their business skills, SCI will provide exclusive access to training to all competition entrants. A series of short videos will cover the basic aspects of starting your own business, including sessions on how to effectively pitch products to investors. Teams will then be asked to submit a well-researched business plan, which details how they would take their scientific innovation from lab to market.

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