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    Process Development Symposium 2018

    Duration: 2:41 8 August 2018 Georgina Hines, Danielle Schultz, Stella James, Lucinda Jackson, Bert Maes, William Moss, Paul Quigley, Glynn Williams, Christian Jones

    Process development is essential to the manufacture of countless products we use every day, from medicines to electronics, food packaging to advanced materials; it allows for the scale-up and commercialisation of cutting-edge chemistry into products that make a positive difference in the world.

    SCI's Fine Chemicals Group organises the Process Development Symposium, which ran for the 35th time in 2018. The conference allows everyone from students and early-career scientists right up to the CEOs of companies to meet, share knowledge and best practice, and essentially, help to make products in a better way.

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