SCI Innovation Award

Enabled by partnership

Established 2023

SCI's Innovation Award recognises and celebrates scientific innovation in industry that has been enabled as a direct result of collaborative partnerships. The award is for innovations across a variety of scientific business contexts and can include collaborative partnerships within a single organisation or stakeholders from different organisations, including partnerships with academia. The award is open to an individual or team working in a company of any size or country.

Award Information


The Award is managed by SCI. Applications will be accepted by self-nomination.

Nominations will consist of a completed online nomination form and details of the partnership provided by completion of an electronic application form sent to

Presentation of Award

The award will be presented at SCI's annual awards dinner in May by a member of the judging panel, or an invited guest of high standing in the scientific and industrial communities.

The winners will receive a framed certificate for each team who have contributed, and a trophy to be shared between the winning teams.

Eligibility Criteria

    • An individual or team working in a company of any size or country
    • Applicants must be able to demonstrate collaboration with an individual, team, company or academic institution to achieve an innovative outcome to a business opportunity or challenge
    • Global collaborative partnerships are welcome as well as those instances where collaboration has been with parties within the same country
    • An industry that has a primary focus in products/processes requiring chemistry or chemistry-related science
    • Innovations must be related to science across SCI key theme areas of Global Health, Climate Change and Sustainability
    • Evidence of demonstrable, measurable outcomes as a result of the innovation will be requested as part of the application process
    • Applications which can demonstrate a material impact for society will be favoured


Nominations open 8 January 2024
Nominations close 23 February 2024
Shortlist announced April 2024
Awards Dinner 15 May 2024

2023 Recipients

  • WINNER: BASF and Pulpex - renewable, recyclable and biodegradable paper packaging solution providing significant carbon footprint savings.
  • 2nd place: UCB, Enamine and University of Oxford - Covid-19 Moonshot project
  • 3rd place: Johnson Matthey and CNRS Montpellier - GAIA hydrogen fuel cell project

Read the report from the SCI Sustainability & Innovation Awards 2023

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