Chemical Industry Medal

Established 1933

The Chemical Industry Medal is one of the world's most respected awards related to the industry. Celebrating the centennial of the SCI America Group, Hal Sorgenti, then Group Chairman, wrote of the Americans' 'delight in hearing of people who use their creative talents imaginatively to invent, to innovate and to organise new technologies'. A desire to honour such people, those who have made a personal contribution to the advance of society and economy through technology, is at the core of the America Group's identity.

The prestige of the Chemical Industry Medal is a testimonial to men and women whose leadership, foresight, and contributions to applied chemistry have been, to a considerable degree, responsible for the growth of that industry. The award generates much media interest.

Award Information

Medal History

The Chemical Industry Medal was established in 1933 to replace the Grasselli Medal which had been awarded by SCI America for more than a decade previously.

For over 100 years, leaders of the Group, all of whom operate at the highest ranks of American industry, have been enthusiasts for the possibilities that can flow from marrying science with industry.

Presentation Details

The Chemical Industry Medal is conferred at a special banquet held in honour of the winner. These events are regarded as 'must attend' occasions across the spectrum of science-based industry and commerce. The matchless contact-building opportunities provided by such occasions is demonstrated by the calibre of participants.


The Medals Committee of the SCI America Executive Committee. Nominees should not include active officers or Executive Committee members of the Section. Nominees not selected for the award in any given year may continue to be considered for two years after the original nomination.

2020 Recipient - Christopher D. Pappas

The 2020 Chemical Industry Medal was awarded to Christopher D. Pappas as a reward for his contribution and service to the chemical industry.

Mr Pappas served as President and CEO of Trinseo from June 2010 through March 2019, playing a central role in the company’s formation in 2010 via spin-off from Dow Chemical. Throughout his career he has received several awards and recognitions and worked for a number of companies within the sector. Read more here.

2019 Recipient - Neil Chapman

The 2019 Chemical Industry Medal was awarded to Neil Chapman, Senior Vice President of ExxonMobil Corporation, who has been a driving force in growing the value of ExxonMobil.

Under Chapman’s leadership, ExxonMobil Chemical has grown as a global leader in the petrochemicals industry, delivering industry-leading financial performance underpinned by operational excellence, technology, integration, and global reach. Read more here.

Eligibility Criteria

    • A person who has rendered conspicuous service to applied chemistry
    Career Stage
    • Management / Leadership
    • Senior
    • Lifetime achievement.
    • Applied Chemistry
    • Industry


Nominations open TBC
Nominations close 1 July
Frequency Annual

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