Past Recipients - Chemical Industry Medal

Year Recipient
2024 John J. Paro, Hallstar
2023 Bhavesh (Bob) Patel, W.R. Grace & Co.Chemours
2022 Mark Vergnano, Chemours
2021 Craig A. Rogerson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hexion
2020 Christopher D. Pappas, Retired - CEO of Trinseo
2019 Neil A Chapman, Senior Vice President of Exxon Mobil Corporation
2018 Cal Dooley, President and CEO of the American Chemistry Council
2017 Andreas C Kramvis, Vice Chairman, Honeywell
2016 James L Gallogly, CEO, LyondellBasell
2015 Stephen D Pryor, President, ExxonMobil Chemical Company
2014 Sunil Kumar, Managing Principal, Wembly Enterprises
2013 Andrew Liveris, Chairman & CEO, Dow Chemical
2012 David Weidman, Chairman & CEO, Celanese
2011 J Brian Ferguson, Executive Chairman, Eastman Chemical
2010 Michael E Campbell, Chairman, President & CEO, Arch Chemicals Inc
2009 Jeffrey Lipton, CEO, Nova Chemicals
2008 Dennis Reilley, Chairman, President & CEO, Praxair
2007 Raj Gupta, Chairman, President & CEO, Rohm and Haas
2006 Jon M Huntsman, Founder & Chairman, Huntsman Corporation
2005 Daniel S Sanders, President, ExxonMobil Chemical Company
2004 Thomas E Reilly, Chairman & CEO, Reilly Industries
2003 Whitson Sadler, President & CEO, Solvay
2002 Earnest W Deavenport Jr, Chairman & CEO, Eastman Chemical
2001 William S Stavropoulos, President & CEO, Dow Chemical
2000 Vincent A Calarco, CEO, Crompton
1999 J Lawrence Wilson, CEO, Rohm and Haas
1998 Edgar S Woolard Jr, Chairman & CEO, DuPont
1997 J Roger Hirl, President & CEO, Occidental Chemical
1996 John W Johnstone Jr, Chairman & CEO, Olin
1995 Robert D Kennedy, President & CEO, Union Carbide
1994 Keith R McKennon, CEO, Dow Corning
1993 W H Clark, CEO, Nalco
1992 H Eugene McBrayer, President, ExxonMobil Chemical Company
1991 Dexter F Baker, Chairman & CEO, Air Products
1990 George J Sella Jr, Chairman, President & CEO, American Cyanamid
1989 Richard E Heckert, Chairman & CEO, DuPont
1988 Vincent L Gregory Jr, President & CEO, Rohm and Haas
1987 Edwin C Holmer, President, ExxonMobil Chemical Company
1986 Edward G Jefferson, Chairman & CEO, DuPont
1985 Louis Fernandez, Chairman, Monsanto
1984 James Affleck, Chairman & CEO, American Cyanamid
1983 Paul F Oreffice, President & CEO, Dow
1982 H Barclay Morley, Chairman & CEO, Stauffer
1981 Thomas W Mastin, Chairman, Lubrizol
1980 Edward Donley, Chairman & President, Air Products
1979 Irving Shapiro, Chairman & CEO, DuPont
1978 Jack B St Clair, Shell
1977 F Perry Wilson, Chairman & CEO, Union Carbide
1976 Harold E Thayer, CEO, Mallinckrodt
1975 Leonard P Pool, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Air Products
1974 Carl A Gerstacker, Chairman, Dow
1973 Ralph Landau, Co-founder, Scientific Design
1972 Jesse Werner, Chairman, Gaf
1971 Carroll A Hochwalt, Vice President, Thomas & Hochwalt, Monsanto
1970 William H Lycan, Vice President, Johnson & Johnson
1969 Charles B McCoy, Chairman & President, DuPont
1968 Harold W Fisher, Vice President, Standard Oil of New Jersey
1967 Chester M Brown, President, Allied
1966 Monroe E Spaght, Chairman & President, Shell
1965 Ralph Connor, Chairman, Rohm and Haas
1964 Leland I Doan, President, Dow
1963 Max Tishler, President, Merck
1962 Kenneth H Klipstein, President, American Cyanamid
1961 William Edward Hanford, Research Director, Olin Mathieson
1960 Hans Stauffer, President, Stauffer
1959 Harry B McClure, Chairman, Union Carbide
1958 Fred J Emmerich, President, Allied
1957 Clifford F Rassweiler, Vice Chairman, Johns Manville
1956 Robert Lindley Murray, Chairman, President & CEO, Hooker Electrochemical
1955 Joseph George Davidson, Chairman & President, Union Carbide
1954 Ernest H Volwiler, CEO, Abbot
1953 Charles S Munson, Chairman, Air Reduction
1952 J R Donald, DuPont
Crawford H Greenewalt, President, DuPont
1951 Ernest W Reid, Vice President, Corn Products
1950 William M Rand, President, Monsanto
1949 William B Bell, President, American Cyanamid
1948 James A Rafferty, Vice President, Union Carbide
1947 George W Merck, President, Merck
1946 Willard H Dow, President, Dow
1945 Sidney Dale Kirkpatrick, Editor-in-Chief, Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering
1944 Bradley Dewey, Founder, Dewey & Almy
1943 John J Grebe, Director, Dow
1942 Harrison Howe, Co-founder, ACS
1941 Elmer K Bolton, Research Director, DuPont
1939 Robert E Wilson, Vice Chairman & President, Standard Oil of Indiana Pan American Petroleum
1938 John V N Dorr, Founder, Dorr
1937 Evan J Crane, Editor, Chemical Abstracts
1936 Walter S Landis, Vice President, American Cyanamid
1935 Edward R Weidlein, Director, Chairman & President, Mellon Institute
1934 Floyd G Metzger, Vice President, Air Reduction
1933 James G Vail, Vice President, Pennsylvania Quartz

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