Presidents Medal

Established 1946

The Presidents Medal is one of the senior awards of the Society and has only been awarded 11 times in its history. The award is given to a recipient who has contributed significantly to support SCI’s Purpose.

Award Information

The medal is awarded by SCI and presented by the SCI President at a suitable event. The recipient is not expected to deliver an address, but may be invited to do so by the President.

The recipients may come from very diverse fields – such as industry, academia or from political or public life.

Eligibility Criteria

    • The President Medal was established in 1946 and is used to recognise exemplary leadership, aligned with SCI’s Purpose.
    Career Stage
    • Senior


Frequency As required

Previous Recipients

2024 Sir Pascal Soriot Wikipedia
1998 Sir James Black Wikipedia
1995 Y Nishijima
1993 M Fleischmann Wikipedia
1992 Helen Sharman Wikipedia
1991 Sir Rex Richards Wikipedia

1981 DM Bell
1976 Lord Kearton Wikipedia
1969 Sir Ronald Holroyd National Portrait Gallery
1966 Sir Sydney Barratt / JS Gourlay UCL Chemistry / 
1963 J Rogers
1962 EJ Solvay Wikipedia

Other SCI Awards

Lampitt Medal

The Lampitt Medal commemorates Leslie Lampitt (1887-1957), who worked tirelessly for SCI in many roles throughout his life. The Lampitt Medal provides a means by which SCI can honour members who have given their own gifts of time, leadership, vision and enthusiasm to more than one area of the Society's activities.

The Society Medal

The Society Medal is SCI's most prestigious medal. It was first awarded to John Glover in 1896, the inventor of the Glover Tower. The Society Medal has become recognised as a major accolade, marking outstanding contributions to the territory 'Where Science Meets Business'.

Distinguished Service Award (DSA)

Launched in 2001, the Distinguished Service Award recognises committed volunteers and offers a chance to applaud the enthusiasm, hard work and goodwill of longer-serving Members of all component parts of the Society.

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