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Canada International Award

Year Recipient
2017 Murray McLaughlin, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada
2016 Marvin DeVries, Trojan Technologies
2015 Dave Emerson, CCC Group (Canada Colors and Chemicals)
2014 Jean-François Huc, BioAmber
2013 John Bianchini, Hatch
2012 John van Leeuwen, EcoSynthetix
2011 Robert Beamish, Woodbridge Group
2010 Gerry Sullivan, Priiva Consulting
2009 Larry Seeley, Recapture Metals
2008 Leslie Dan, Novapharm
2007 Paul Timmins, ERCO Worldwide
2005 Pierre Choquette, Methanex
2004 Andrew Benedek, Zenon

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