Past Recipients - Charles Tennant Memorial Lecture

Year Recipient Lecture
2019 Dr Ian Fotheringham 'Adapt, Survive and Thrive… how biotech companies can learn from nature'
2015 Prof Joe Sweeney 'Chemistry What Use is it Now?'
2001 B Grote 'The Energy Industry of the 21st Century: Addressing the Challenges Ahead'
1997 Sir William Stewart 'Biotechnology - The Genie is out of the Bottle'
1989 Lord Todd 'Two Centuries of Chemistry and the Chemical Industry - A Retrospect'
1982 J Edelman 'Food, Chemistry and Cuisine'
1978 D S Davies 'The Resurgence of the Engineer'
1972 R Hessayon 'Homo Sapiens - The Species the Conservationist Forgot'
1966 A Kent 'Pyrites - The Fiery Stone'
1964 Lady Crathorne 'From Farm to Factory and High Finance in Four Generations'
1960 A R Ubbelohde 'Melting and Freezing'
1957 H W Melville 'The Use of Radio Tracers and High Energy Radiations in High Polymer Chemistry'
1952 A Fleck 'The British Sulphuric Acid Industry - A Retrospect and a Research Prospect'
1947 E W J Tennant 'The Early Chemical Struggles of St Rollox Works'
1943 Sir William Alexander 'Charles Tennant'

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