Past Recipients - Hurter Memorial Lecture

Year Recipient Lecture
2015 Prof Peter Licence 'Chemistry in vacuo; Suck it and See'
2011 Baroness Susan Greenfield 'The Chemistry of Consciousness - A Neuroscientist's View of a Philosopher's Problem'
1998 R Jeffreys 'Ferdinand Hurter and his Contribution to Photographic Science'
J Beacham 'The Chemical Industry into the 21st Century'
1996 Sir John Meurig Thomas 'Designed Solid Inorganic Catalysts'
1992 A Ledwith 'The Science and Applications of Active Coatings on Glass'
1989 J K Pitts 'From Sail to Steam'
1986 J D Birchall 'Inorganic Chemistry - The Second Wave'
1982 J Van Der Meulen 'Chemistry in the Computer Industry'
1980 R O Gibson 'The Father of Industrial Progress'
1977 P Rhyner 'Future Developments in European Chemistry Industry - a Swiss View'
1973 A Spinks 'The Changing Role of Chemistry in Product Innovation'
1970 C E H Bawn 'Contributions of Polymer Science to Other Technologies'
1967 Lord Beeching 'Economic Developments Affecting the Chemical Industry
1964 J Ferguson The Discovery of a New Anaesthetic, Halothane
1961 Sir Harry Melville 'Inorganic Chemical Research in the DSIR'
1958 A L Bacharach 'March of the Antibiotics'
1955 H W Cremer 'Chemical Industry - Then and Now'
1952 D W F Hardie 'The Macintoshes and the Origins of the Chemical Industry'
1945 R E Slade 'Benzene Hexachloride - An Insecticide with Outstanding Properties'
1938 W A S Calder 'Why a Chemist?'
1936 I M Heilbron 'Modern Techniques in Biochemistry'
1934 J T Conroy 'The Alkali and Associated Industries - A Retrospect'
1932 Sir William B Hardy 'Some Recent Developments ín Low Temperature Research'
1931 G T Morgan 'Organic Syntheses Facilitated by Pressure'
1928 Henry E Armstrong 'Our King's Wardrobe - Iconolatries OId and New'
1926 E F Armstrong 'Research and Enterprise in Chemical Industry - New Routes to OId Chemicals'
1925 Sir Max Muspratt 'Chemistry and Civilisation'
1922 William MacNab 'Some Achievements of Chemical Industry During the War in this Country and in France'
1920 F F Renwick 'Photographic Images - Visible and Invisible'
1913 Fritz Haber 'Modern Chemical Industry'
1911 Max Hasenclever 'Some Views of the Present Condition and Prospects of the Inorganic Chemical Industry in its Technical and Economic Aspects'
1910 Charles A Keane 'Modern Iatro-Chemistry - Some Services of Chemistry to Pharmaco-Therapeutics'
1908 Sir Oliver Lodge 'The Structure of the Atom'
1906 Harold B Dixon 'The Union of Chlorine and Hydrogen'
1903 Sir George Beilby 'The Surface Structure of Solids'
1901 Sir William Abney 'The Photography of Colour'
1899 Prof George Lunge 'Impending Changes in the General Development of Industry, and
Particularly in the Alkali Industries'

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