Past Recipients - Leverhulme Lecture

Year Recipient Lecture
2017 Prof Geoffrey Maitland 'Avoiding Catastrophic Climate change - Paris 2015 Set the Targets, Can We Now Deliver?'
2013 Dame Susan Ion 'Generating the Future'
2008 Dame Nancy Rothwell 'A Stroke of Bad Luck: New Approaches to Treating Brain Disease'
2000 P Lillford 'And What Would You Like for Lunch, Dr Frankenstein?'
1993 Sir Richard Sykes 'ln Search of the Magic Bullet'
1990 Sir Geoffrey Allen 'Our Chemical Industry in 2001'
1985 P J Senior 'Biotechnology - the Way Ahead'
1982 T Thomas 'Chemistry and Biology - the Way Ahead'
1979 D S Davies 'The Metal Century the Polymer Century and the Design Century'
1975 J Boldingh 'Lipid Metabolism in Relation to Human Health'
1972 Lord Porter 'Chemistry in Microtime'
1969 E G Woodroffe 'Research in the Marketplace'
1965 Sir Paul Chambers 'The Place of the Chemical Industry in the Development of the World's Economy'
1962 A C Frazer 'The Fate of Dietary Fats in the Body'
1959 F H De Boer 'Catalysis in Industry'
1956 Sir Charles Dodds 'The Source of Inspiration in Medical Research'
1953 Sir Harold Tempany 'The Production of Oils and Fats under Tropical Conditions'
1950 T P Hilditch 'The Fats 1900-1950'
1947 Lord Todd 'Organic Phosphates, Natural and Synthetic'
1943 H Ballantyne 'Viscount Leverhulme 1851-1925'

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