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Lister Memorial Lecture

Year Recipient Paper
2016 Prof Dame Sally Davies 'Antimicrobial Resistance - The Global Problem'
2009 Thomas Hugh Pennington 'Learning Lessons is Hard, Making Predictions Difficult'
2000 Sir Michael Berridge 'Cell Communication in Animal Cells'
1995 H C Polk 'Management of Trauma Related Sepsis'
1989 Sir James Black 'Hormone Receptors'
1983 D C Burke 'Human Interferon'
1980 H W Kosterlitz 'Pharmaceutical Implications of Enkephalins and Endorphins'
1977 A Spinks 'Chemistry and Anaesthesia'
1972 Sir Derek Dunlop 'Medicine, Doctors, Governments and Pharmacists'
1965 Ernst Boris Chain 'Antibiotics in Perspective'
1959 N B Eddy 'Chemical Structure and Action of Morphine-like Analgesics'
1955 E Lester Smith 'The Chemistry and Functions of Vitamin B12'
1952 A Haddow 'Chemistry and the Study of Cancer'
1950 G F Marrian 'Adrenocortical Hormones'
1948 Sir Robert Robinson 'The Device of Imitation of Molecules in the Biological Field'
1944 Sir Alexander Fleming 'Antiseptics'

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