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Robert Horne Memorial Lecture

Year Recipient Lecture
2004 Prof Noel Warner 'Towards Zero Gas Emission'
2001 M Hughes 'Metals, Minerals and Microbes'
1998 P Craddock 'The Prehistoric Mining and Smelting of Metals in Wales and the West'
1995 P Jones 'The Primary Aluminium Industry and the Environment: Challenges and Opportunities'
1992 P Hatherley 'Making Coins - Ancient Craft and Modern Science'
1989 W Hopkin 'Whither Zinc?'
1986 D R G Davies 'New Routes in Metal Manufacture - Obstacles and Rewards'
1983 A K Barbour 'Environmental Matters Involved in Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting'
1980 K Turner 'Precious Metals'
1977 A R E Singer 'A New Approach to Research and Development for the Metals Industry'
1973 J A Charles 'Arsenic and Old Bronze - Excursions into the Metallurgy of Pre-History'
1970 R M Sellwood 'Expansion of Zinc Production at Avonmouth'
1963 P H Evans 'Production Problems Associated with the Element Beryllium'
1960 F D Richardson 'Metal Extraction and Chemical Metallurgy'
1958 S W K Morgan 'Recent Developments in the Zinc Industry in the UK'
1954 M Cook 'Metallurgical Progress and the Chemical Industry'
1945 S Robson 'Chemistry, Metallurgy and Empire'

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