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Seligman Lecture

Year Recipient      Lecture
2018 Prof Peter Fryer 'Food engineering and process sustainability – greening food manufacture'
2016 Prof Ian Noble 'Meeting the Challenges for the Future of our Food - Engineering a more Sustainable Global Food System'
2011 Dr Paul Skudder 'Innovative Food Engineering - A Historical Celebration of Worldwide Food Engineering from 1900 to 2011 and Future Challenges'
2005 J M Aguilera 'Food Product Engineering - Building the Right Structure'
2003 M Le Maguer 'Partnerships in Food Safety: How the Interface Between Decision Maker and Scientist Affects Policy'
2000 C Sizer 'Engineering a Safer Food Supply Chain - Enhancing Public Confidence in Food Safety in the new Millennium'
1997 H Muller-Steinhagen 'Engineering and Food'
1996 L Levine 'Food Process Development and Scale-up Using Modelling and Simulation - and Engineer's Perspective'
1995 G L Quarini 'Innovative Food Process Engineering Research and MAFF Fellowship'
1985 C M Tidbury 'Technical Progress in Brewing'
1982 K Durham 'Microelectronics and Bio-Sciences in the Food Industry'
1980 K E Flinck 'Success in the Optimisation of Food Processes'
1978 G A Dummett 'Invention or Innovation'
1975 H Watts 'Single Cell Protein - A New Source of Food from Hydrocarbon Fermentation'
1974 T I Hedrick 'Engineering and Science of the Aeromicrobiological Contamination Control in Dairy Plants'

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