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11th October 2018
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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Issue62018_Asphalt not trashphalt Asphalt not 'trashphalt'


011 Scientist grows salad in space web

Antarctic greenhouse

Cath O'Driscoll, October 2018

After eight months of operation in Antarctica, the EDEN ISS greenhouse has produced a ‘record harvest’.


018 RNA exosome complex web whole top

Precious cargo carriers

Katrina Megget, October 2018

Tiny extracellular vesicles called exosomes could one day prove useful everywhere from diagnostics for prostate cancer and preterm births to drug delivery and treatment of disease.

Global View

Mixed views

A. Nair, October 2018

Use of unproven antimicrobial drug combinations has led to a ban on hundreds of commonly used drug mixtures.



Kevin Burgess, October 2018

Two papers by Winter and Smith et al from Iowa point to better dyes for advanced techniques in fluorescence imaging.


Movers and Shakers

October 2018

US biopharmaceutical company Acorda Therapeutics, which focuses on neurological therapies, is losing its CTO Rick Batycky after 20 years’ service.


Business digest

October 2018

Alcon, the eye care unit of Swiss drug major Novartis, will locate its future global headquarters in the Canton of Geneva.


The ‘organic’ movement

Alan Baylis, October 2018

What do the English aristocrat Eve Balfour and the Austrian philosopher and architect Rudolph Steiner have in common?


Nuclear two step

Neil Eisberg, October 2018

Nuclear energy is seen by its supporters as the only real solution for the decarbonisation of the energy sector.