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17th April 2018
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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Computing clean energy Computing clean energy

High performance computing is supercharging research into clean energy solutions.

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015 Sydney Opera House night web

Graphene clean up

Anthony King, April 2018

Water from Sydney Harbour has been purified with the help of graphene coated onto a synthetic fluoropolymer membrane.


022 Organs made to order web

Organs made to order

Anthony King, April 2018

A shortage of donor organs for transplant surgery is fuelling research to develop artificial livers and hearts, but how closely do they match up to the real thing? Anthony King reports.


Product Focus

Metrohm Product Focus


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International Youth DayAugust 15, 2016


Business digest

April 2018

Review the latest news and developments from the sector.


Energy expectations

Nick Boughton, April 2018

Inefficient machinery, which wastes energy, is a major area for improvement for many businesses.



Neil Eisberg, April 2018

In less than a year, the UK will leave the EU – the countdown has begun, or has it? What exactly will happen on 29 March 2019?

Global View

Science shocker

Sarah Houlton, April 2018

Science received a surprise boost in the long-awaited US budget, in a dramatic change from earlier proposals.


Movers and Shakers

April 2018

US immunotherapy company, Aduro Biotech, headquartered in Berkeley, California, has promoted Hans van Eenennaam to executive vp of antibody research and site head of Aduro Biotech Europe.


Magical, mystical molecule

John Emsley, April 2018

Water may be one of the simplest of molecules, but chemists know that it has more tricks up its sleeve than a magician.


Organic chemistry

G. Richard Stephenson, April 2018

The mechanistic interpretation of organic reactions is one of the great intellectual achievements of organic chemistry.