24 September 2020

Herbicide resistant weeds: call to action 2

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SCI Agrisciences Group and Pest Management Science 

Online Webinar - 15.00 – 16.00 BST (UTC +1)

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Finding the next generation of herbicides with new modes of action
Dr Shuji Hachisu, Chief Technology Officer, MoA Technology Ltd.

Cutting edge science in the fields of genetics, trait analysis and data analytics developed from research at Oxford University is being used to tackle the crisis brought about by the dramatic increase in weed resistance to current herbicides.  The withdrawal of some products from the market for safety or environmental reasons has posed additional problems for farmers worldwide.  MoA Technology Ltd was set up two years ago to discover and develop new active ingredients that are effective, safe and sustainable.  The focus is on discovering new modes of action.  Three proprietary in vivo high-throughput discovery platforms are focused on identifying herbicide activity, target proteins and new chemistry.

This webinar will explain how herbicides with new modes of action will be essential to tackling the pressing issue of herbicide resistant weeds and showcase MoA Technology’s innovative approach.  It will provide valuable information for all interested in crop protection and global food security including researchers, crop protection advisors and students.

Dr Shuji Hachisu, Chief Technology Officer, MoA Technology Ltd

Shuji has wide experience spanning Agri-Tech, Biotech and Pharma sectors, previously having worked for Syngenta, GSK, Pfizer, P&G and Astex. He has held various leadership roles in R&D and authored many patents and scientific papers. Originally from Japan, Shuji came to the UK to read chemistry and complete his DPhil at the University of Oxford.

Introduction: Chair, Dr Alan Baylis, Nuvistix Innovation
Presentation: Dr Shuji Hachisu, MoA Technology
Q&A: Dr Robin Blake, Compliance Services International

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