14 September 2021

Managing soils for survival

Organised by:

SCI’s Agrisciences group, British Society of Soil Science (BSSS) and Crop Health and Protection (CHAP)

Online webinar 14.00 – 16.30 BST

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Soil forms a core component of natural environments and ecosystems globally, being the basis for humans and many other lifeforms existence. Often viewed as a lifeless substrate, it performs a multitude of key functions and services such as; food production, carbon sequestration, maintaining biodiversity and nutrient cycling, to name just a few.  However, these roles can be negatively impacted by damaging practices, leading to a loss of purpose and function. To prevent and reverse these it is important to examine some key questions. What has gone wrong? How can we fix it? Who are the major players who influence this? 
This event is for anyone interested in the future management of soils, from farmers and advisors, Soil scientists and students, to Politicians and government advisors. 

Tuesday 14 September

Welcome and introduction
talks tbc
Q&A and discussion

Confirmed speakers and talks:

Soils and climate change - Claudio Screpanti, soil scientist at Syngenta Syngenta
Soils and food production
- Laura Weatherhead, Team Leader Croda EMEA
Managing soils on a practical farmSpeaker tbc
New frontiers in soils research - CHAP, speaker tbc 

The full programme will be announced in due course.
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Organising Committee
  • Liliya Serazetdinova, SCI/ Earlham Institute
  • Kathryn Knight, SCI/ Croda
  • James Garratt, SCI and BSSS/ Enviresearch
  • Robin Blake, SCI/ Compliance Services International
  • Alexander McCormack, CHAP

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