21 October 2020

Digital design of life cycles

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SCI and proudly supported by the Chemistry Council Innovation Committee

Online Webinar - 14.00 – 15.30 BST

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Chemicals are often the foundation of long supply chains, with users a long way down the chain often not clearly aware of the choices made by those upstream of them - or that there are alternative ways to achieve the same end product performance. Given that most supply chain logistics are data driven, it is possible to attach information on provenance to shipments and ensure that those who use chemicals, formulations, mixtures and composites can clearly understand the reason for their use. This is important not just for business performance but for consumer confidence.

This same approach can be used to underpin a more thorough approach to the circular economy. We could include the required health and environmental information to chemicals as they move down the supply chain and ensure that those who use chemicals, formulations, mixtures and composites are aware of the handling and disposal issues of anything they use. This is increasingly important as we move to a circular economy and seek to re-use as much of our natural resources as possible.

Attendance at this webinar series is welcomed from scientists and engineers in industry and academia with experience in developing and implementing digital solutions, as well as researchers and technology directors with an interest in leveraging new technologies to increase productivity in their organisation.
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