7 June 2022

What's new in immunotherapies 2022

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SCI’s Fine Chemicals Group

SCI, London, UK

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Immunotherapy is a hot-topic field of research that has generated significant scientific interest and fuelled industrial innovation.

It has been demonstrated that small, drug-like molecules can be highly effective modulators of immune response pathways and that their molecular properties can be fine-tuned to enable excellent cell permeability and bioavailability. This makes them ideal for use in the treatment of chronic conditions such as autoimmune and inflammation-related diseases. Excitingly, this approach also offers the possibility to treat cancer by harnessing the body’s own immune system to fight tumours.

This meeting will offer a broad introduction to those new to the topic and showcase recent innovations by academic and industrial scientists in this exciting and rapidly expanding field.

The event is targeted at research students, researchers, academic and industrial scientists engaged in all aspects of research into small molecule immunotherapy, and those interested in broadening their knowledge in this growing field.

This event is being held back to back with "Targeting protein degradation 3 – from discovery to the clinic".


Confirmed speakers: 

In vitro assays for immunotherapy drug discovery programs; overview and emerging areas
Dr Rhoanne McPherson, Concept Life Sciences                 

Optimisation of Mer/Axl kinase inhibitors for immuno-oncology
Dr William McCoull, AstraZeneca

The discovery of BD2 selective BET inhibitors
Dr Emmanuel Demont, GlaxoSmithKline

First-in-class inhibitors of ERAP1 alter the immunopeptidome of cancer, driving a differentiated T cell response leading to tumour growth inhibition
Dr Andrew Leishman, Grey Wolf therapeutics

Professor Edward Tate, Imperial College
Professor Matthew J. Fuchter, Imperial College
Delegate fees will be added in due course.

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