7 December 2020

Navigating the dairy non-dairy milks aisle

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SCI Food Group

Online Webinar - 17:00-18:00GMT

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This event will provide expert information informing consumer choice over dairy milk and non-dairy milk alternatives.

With nearly a quarter of Brits, and 30% of women and 16-24 year olds, now using plant-based milk alternatives (Mintel 2019), the plant-based milk alternative market is currently valued at 260 million GBP and accounts for 8% of milk sales (Mintel 2019). Reasons for this rise include a growing concern among the public with how to balance the ethical, environmental and nutritional factors behind our food choices.

The SCI Food Group brings together two top experts, dietitians Dr Yvonne Finnegan and Elphee Medici, to talk about the considerations around this everyday British staple. This consumer-focused webinar aims to help us all make informed choices in the supermarket and provide opportunity to ask questions as part of the panel discussion.

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This event will be of interest and informative for the general public, and is open to both lay and technical audiences.


Dr Yvonne Finnegan

Dr Yvonne Finnegan is a Nutrition and Regulatory consultant to the food industry and has advised many global companies including those specialising in both dairy and plant-based alternatives, such as Danone.

Elphee Medici

Elphee Medici, nutrition and sustainability consultant, has over 30 years’ experience and is a key author of the British Dietetic Association’s One Blue Dot®, a guide for UK dietitians on sustainable healthy eating. Elphee worked as a dietitian for the NHS and various food companies including Yoplait Petits Filous, Unilever and Alpro, before becoming a consultant and providing expert advice to food companies, PR agencies and health organisations on credible, science-based and meaningful messages to help improve the health of individuals and our planet.

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