18 August 2020

SCI Food Group AGM and Talk 2020

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SCI Food Group

Online Event - 15:00 BST

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The chair and committee members of SCI’s Food Group cordially invite members to their Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 15:00 on 18th August 2020. This year's event will include a talk by Chris Kelly, Founder of charity AbScent.

AbScent is a charity in England and Wales, founded in 2018 to provide support, education, and practical advice to those who have lost their sense of smell through disease, head injury, neurological disorders and other causes. Theyreceived registered charity status in 2019.

Early in 2020, AbScent began to receive reports of COVID-19 patients suddenly losing their sense of smell. From the middle of March, new members began pouring into their Facebook group, and AbScent quickly split off a second group to support those patients with the coronavirus. In two months, their membership has nearly quadrupled. What started as a support group for anosmics has now come under the spotlight of researchers who are trying to understand this facet of the virus. The disease is taking twists and turns, including causing asymptomatic loss of smell, thus creating silent carriers of the disease. Chris Kelly will be speaking about what is happening in this rapidly developing story of an obscure poorly understood condition, and the pandemic that has overtaken our lives.

The papers for the Food Group AGM are available online.


This event will be of interest to all food and beverage related industries where smell loss is important, as well as medicine and therapeutics.


Chris Kelly


Founder of charity AbScent


15:00 – 15:30: AGM

15:30 – 16:30: Guest speaker, Chris Kelly / AbScent
"Following my nose: how a small charity for people with smell loss came into the COVID-19 spotlight"


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This event will take place online.

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