1 November 2022

Formulation of Sustainable Food Products

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SCI’s Formulation Forum and Food Group

Online Webinar 14:00 - 15:30 GMT

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Food production is responsible for about 26% of global greenhouse gas emission as well as other negative impacts such as ecosystem destruction and pollution. The world’s population is predicted to grow by 1.7 billion by 2050. Currently, 75% of the world’s food is produced from five animal species and 12 plants. To continue to feed the growing world population while reversing adverse effects of large-scale traditional food production a shift to more sustainable and diverse food systems is required. This webinar will provide an understanding of food sustainability, its limitations and some solutions to the challenges of current global food systems, raw material management, alternative foods, plant-based foods and future food trends. At the end of this webinar, you will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of leading academic and industry research in the development and formulation of sustainable food products and foods of the future.


Industry and academic food researchers, early career researchers, food formulators, students of all levels – undergraduate and postgraduate students and all parties interested in sustainable food formulation.


Dr Alan Javier Hernandez Alvarez

University of Leeds

Dr Alan Javier Hernández Álvarez is biochemical engineer by training, with a PhD in Food Science and Nutrition (2012, National Polytechnic Institute, IPN) - Fat Institute, CSIC, Seville, Spain. He worked as a Lecturer at the Food Biochemistry Faculty, Biochemical Engineering Department at the National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico from 2012-2013. Awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from CONACyT in 2013 to follow his research at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada. After this, he was awarded a Visiting Fellowships in Canadian Government Laboratories Award, NSERC, Canada, 2014-2017 at the same research centre. During his time at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, he worked with a wide variety of research projects in the areas of value-added food processing, and food quality, acting in an advisory and research capacity providing expertise on protein quality assessment, protein extraction and characterization, pilot-plant scale-up, techno-functional properties assessment and bioactivity of proteins/peptides. He collaborated with different Canadian Industry Companies in a wide variety of industry-based projects such as Nature Zen, InnoVactiV (Experts in Science-based ingredients), SEMICAN, among others, as a research & scientific advisor. Álvarez is currently a Lecturer in Nutrition and Global Health at the School of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Leeds since 2019. His research is focused on the health benefits of bioactive compounds in plants, and he has engaged in reducing disease and promoting health and wellness as a global priority.

Dr Linda Pravinata

Quorn foods

Linda Pravinata recently joined Quorn Foods, UK in 2021 as Lead Innovation Scientist with research interests in texture development of meat analogue derived from filamentous fungal biomass. Prior to joining Quorn Foods, she had an international career track spanning from industry to academia as a Scientist at PepsiCo R&D in Texas, USA and teaching roles at universities in Indonesia and UK. Linda also held an international fellowship (2018-2021) from the Royal Academy of Engineering for Newton Fund project in collaboration with rice farmers in Thailand and academics in Mahasarakham University during her teaching tenure at the School of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Leeds. She received the Michael Beverley Innovation Fellow award in 2020 for innovation in the development of value-added materials derived from fermented products.

Dr Paul Sheldrake

Healy Group

Dr Paul Sheldrake is the Group Application & Technical Director at the Healy Group, a leading supplier of functional food ingredients to the food market in the UK and Ireland. He has worked for many years in the food industry across a range of food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers covering a diverse range application segments and product ranges. In his current role he works closely with innovative food ingredient suppliers and product manufacturers helping them ‘bridge the gap’ in the application aspects of creating new and innovative products for the consumers. Due to the nature of the Healy Group they cover nearly all the major food product application areas and thus help in many diverse products and projects. The current focus on market relevant food products cover areas such as High Fat Salt and Sugar (reductions), functional plant based proteins, fibre enrichment and products with specialized food health claims / benefits in our diets.


Tuesday 1 November 2022

Welcome and introduction
Alternative Proteins: a key ingredient of Sustainable Food Products
Dr. Alan Javier Hernandez Alvarez, University of Leeds
Mycoprotein evolution: past, present challenges and future outlook in the development of plant-based foods
Dr Linda Pravinata, Quorn Foods
Impact of raw material sourcing and management on food product sustainability
Dr. Paul Sheldrake, Healy Group
Conclusion and final remarks
Event close
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Mary Okeudo, SCI Formulation Forum and Food Group / University of Leeds
Evangelia Tsolaki, SCI Formulation Forum / University College Dublin
Ellen Webb, SCI Formulation Forum / University of Bristol