23 January - 24 January 2024

SCI Formulation Forum 5th Annual Event: design through characterisation and analysis

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SCI’s Formulation Forum

SCI, London, UK

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The annual SCI Formulation forum event will bring together the challenges, learnings, and future technologies of the tools for designing better formulations across different industries. The event will showcase the essential role of physical and computational technologies in the testing, monitoring and characterisation of formulations from early-stage research to market.

This event will be of interest to industrialists, academics and students working in the field of formulation science and product design, chemistry, colloids, physical sciences, analysis, pharmaceuticals, food, biological sciences and environmental sciences amongst others.

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Call for abstracts

Contributions are invited from early-stage researchers and PhD students working in the formulation science field to submit an abstract for a flash oral presentation and/or poster presentation. An abstract of maximum 300 words indicating title, authors, institution and preference for presentation option (Flash oral presentation and/or Poster) should be sent to conferences@soci.org by Friday 1 December 2023 with the subject line “SCI Formulation Forum 2024 - abstract submission”. Presentation slots are inevitably limited and will be allocated to achieve a balanced programme – researchers will be invited to contribute a poster if submission is not chosen for oral presentation. Prizes will be awarded for the best presentation and poster. Please download an abstract template here.

The Innovation in Formulation and Formulation Science Award

This award recognises formulation innovations equally in both business and academia and acknowledges leading work where formulation innovation has delivered new solutions that lead and inspire the formulation community.

Submissions are invited from scientists, both in academia and industry, for formulation science and formulation related developments which are considered worthy of the Formulation and Formulation Science award. The deadline for applications is Friday 15 December 2023. To find out more information, and to apply, click here.


Prof. Andrew Bayly

University of Leeds

Andrew Bayly is a Chemical Engineering Scientist with expertise in particle science and fluid dynamics, and a background in the development of formulated products and their processes. His passion is the development of scientific understanding that enables new products and processes to be designed and optimised faster and more efficiently.

Dr Andrew Howe


Andrew is a colloid / soft matter scientist, with experience in co-optimising material formulation for in-process and end-product performance. The formulations often contain (nano)particles, polymers and / or surfactants and the key measurement technique is often rheology.
For the last 8 years, at Aqdot, a young company that originated in Cambridge University, Andrew has worked on developing applications for the novel macrocyclic chemical, cucurbiturils. "CBs" are extremely effective supramolecular “hosts” that non-covalently bind a wide range of chemical “guests”. Their breadth of application opportunities – and some formulation challenges – arise from the wide range of chemical moieties with which CBs interact.

Chandresh Malde

Johnson Matthey

Senior Principal Scientist at Johnson Matthey, 27 years working at main R&D site in South Oxfordshire.
Background in colloid science. Providing scientific & technical support to all of JM’s Businesses, with particular emphasis in particle size & shape, rheology, dispersion analysis, zeta potential.
Lead scientist in Formulation Science in JM.

Claire Wombwell

Veranova (Pharmorphix)

Claire Wombwell is an experienced research scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceutical industry. Since joining Veranova in August 2017, Claire has led multiple projects applying her expertise in solid state science to numerous active pharmaceutical ingredients. Her work at Veranova covers amorphous dispersion generation, polymorph screening, salt and cocrystal selection and crystallization development. Before joining Veranova, Claire worked with supercritical fluid technologies to improve the performance of medicines. Claire gained her PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Cambridge (UK).

David Slade

Applied Materials

David Slade is a Lead Application Engineer in Applied Materials’ Pharma Team. His main role is to design, construct and deploy advanced analytics, modelling and predictive maintenance strategies enabling smart manufacturing within the formulated products industries.

Dr Azzedine Dabo


I am currently part of GSK’s Method Innovation Team based in Stevenage UK with area of interest in in-silico modelling, quality by design (QbD) method development and the transfer of analytical methods and results between chromatography instruments. I have been awarded the GSK EMBRACE Rising 2022 Award and GSK Ahead Together/CEO Award 2022.

Dr Min Zhang


Dr Min Zhang works at National Formulation Centre, CPI, as a Principal Engineer. Min is a process engineer with a doctorate in pharmaceutical paste extrusion-spheronisation.  She has since worked in academia as a lecturer in pharmaceutical granulation research for solid oral dosage form. Min joined CPI in 2020 and leads client process development on the liquid mixing process scale-up, soft sensor development and process model predictive control.

Jessi Godleman

Domino Printing UK

Jessi joined Domino Printing 2019, where she began working in the Platform team, developing novel inks for future technologies. In 2020, she became a superuser for the department’s new automated formulation robot and worked on integrating the equipment into the department’s ink development process. She then joined the newly formed Automation team in 2021, working on the scoping and introduction of new tools and processes for Ink development. In 2023, Jessi joined the Shared Services Data and Process team, working to scope and introduce new tools to all R&D teams as part of Domino’s digitalisation journey. Her work still encompasses the automation of ink development, where she now leads the Automated formulation team, as well as scoping new technologies to achieve the 2030 closed-loop goal for routine ink development tasks.

Prof. Joao Cabral

Imperial College London

Prof João Cabral is a physicist with a PhD in polymer science and engineering. He was a guest researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology before joining the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial, becoming full professor in 2018. He held visiting professorships at Fudan University, University of Chicago, and Instituto Superior Técnico. He currently holds a P&G/Royal Academy of Engineering research chair, and is an associate director of the Institute of Molecular Science and Engineering, and leads a research group of soft matter engineering, extensively employing microfluidics and scattering techniques to develop sustainable formulations and processes, from the molecular to the macroscales.

Mark Baker


Mark Baker has over 20 years’ experience of developing and deploying automation capabilities to deliver a competitive market advantage. Based in the Materials Innovation Factory at the University of Liverpool, he leads a team in Unilever Homecare that supports global innovation across all Homecare product formats.

Prof. Snjezana (Snow) Stolnik

University of Nottingham

Snow Stolnik is Professor of Pharmaceutics at School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham. She is PI and Director of EPSRC SFI Centre for Doctoral Training in Transformative Pharmaceutical Technologies. She is a recipient of the Royal Society Industrial Fellowship award and a holder of Lord Dearing award for postgraduate teaching.

Prof. Steven Brown

University of Warwick

Steven Brown develops NMR methods for the characterization of solid-state forms of pharmaceuticals, with co-authored publications with AstraZeneca, Daiichi Sankyo, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Pfizer. He is Director of the UK High-Field Solid-State NMR Facility that hosts the UK’s highest magnetic field NMR spectrometers (1 GHz, with 1.2 GHz on order).

Prof. Sven Schroeder

University of Leeds

Originally a Physical Chemist, Sven holds the Bragg Centenary Chair in Engineering Applications of Synchrotron Radiation at UoL. He seeks to create a fundamental science base driving disruptive solutions to industrial and societal challenges. He specialises in using advanced X-ray analysis to link structure at molecular and mesoscopic scales to macroscopically observable performance.


Tuesday 23 January

Session 1 – Assessing your formulation in action
Registration and refreshments
Welcome and introduction
Formulation in a small company
Dr Andrew Howe, Aqdot
End to end workflows for sustainable formulation discovery
Mark Baker, Unilever
Efficient formulation design through people - led automation
Jessi Godleman, Domino Printing UK
Formulation Innovation award and flash presentations
Sponsored by CPI
Lunch and networking
Session 2 - Analytical design and input
Formulation Innovation award, Flash presentations
sponsored by CPI
Insights from detailed analysis of the multi - scale structure of spray - dried laundry detergent powders
Prof. Andrew Bayly, University of Leeds
Overcoming solubility hurdles in early - stage formulation
Dr Claire Wombwell, Veranova (Pharmorphix)
CPI Platinum talk
Microfluidics and novel analytics for greener cleaning formulations
Prof. Joao Carbral, Imperial College London
Coffee break
SCI® and SCI® formulation update
Using low - field NMR relaxation as a tool in quality control of pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations
Dr Roger Pettman, Colloid Consultants Ltd
Designing sunscreens - characterisation of films formation using raman imaging and rheology techniques
Airit Agasty, Croda Europe
Flash poster presentations
Panel discussion
Wine break / hotel check - in
Exhibitors and poster session (voting ends for Formulation Forum Award)
Formulation forum award presentation
Conference buffet dinner (buffet close 8:30pm)

Wednesday 24 January

Session 3 - Emerging technologies (and reformulation)
Welcome and Introduction to day 2
Methods database – streamline HPLC method transfer and data comparison
Dr Azzedine Dabo, GSK
Solid - state NMR of pharmaceuticals
Prof. Steven Brown, University of Warwick
Particle interactions in formulated products: towards a fundamental understanding by surface analysis with X - ray spectroscopies
Prof. Sven Schroeder, University of Leeds
Coffee break and networking
Medicines: complex products in complex biological environments
Prof. Snjezana (Snow) Stolnik - Trenkic, University of Nottingham
Characterization of a versatile emulsifier for low-viscous formulations and liposomal structures
Julia Robbert, KRÜSS GmbH
Cool science of sunscreens: exploring the microscopic world of mineral emulsions
Aline Moreira de Souza, Croda Europe Ltd
Emulsifiers and emollients: beyond stability and sensory
Chris Watts, Croda Europe Ltd
Lunch and networking
Session 4 - process technology and scale-up
Poster presentations awards
What can a digitally controlled lab to pilot plant scale testbed do?
Dr Min Zhang, CPI
With or without you? Using PAT with advanced digital technology to enhance formulation manufacture
David Slade, Applied Materials
Fundamental characterisation and process analytics vs requirements at the manufacturing scale
Chandresh Malde, Johnson Matthey
Concluding remarks and close of event
Conference close

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