21 February 2022

Community Building (Energising the UK Battery Supply Chain - Part 6)

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SCI’s Materials for Mobility Group

Online webinar 14:00 - 15:30 GMT

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Community Building

Community building within the UK battery supply chain promotes strong connections so that we can act collaboratively towards challenges. The automotive supply chain is both global and complex, so as we move towards an increasingly sustainable automotive industry, the complexity of the challenges we face will require more and more collaboration. Therefore, building a community that can address these challenges adequately is becoming glaringly important.

As we move into the second year of this workshop series, SCI and the Chemistry Council Innovation Committee (CCIC) have organised a programme of speakers from members of this community. This workshop will consist of 3 talks from companies involved in the battery materials supply chain in the UK.  These talks will be followed, as usual, by breakout discussions, to enable participants to meet others working in the supply chain, and discuss what is needed for the future of this supply chain.


Energising the UK battery supply chain series – Introduction

A major focus of SCI’s work with the Chemistry Council recognises that the government, in its Road to Net Zero, is banning the sale of all internal combustion engines by 2030. We must therefore act rapidly to scale-up an integrated UK battery supply chain, to adequately support the bourgeoning electric car industry.

As part of our programme to deliver this, SCI is bringing together chemists, suppliers, manufacturers and innovators at every point within the supply chain, and in doing so building the community that will address the challenges of scaling-up of electric vehicle production within the UK. 

From the previous 5 workshops we have built a team of around 70 organisations from industry and government who have come together to explore and identify the needs of the community, and discuss how they can work together on this challenge. Common themes identified in these workshops include:

  • Scale-up at speed
  • Developing standards and skills
  • Next generation technologies
  • Battery recycling


This workshop is primarily designed to engage those actively working in or with the battery production industry, or policymakers whose decisions may affect it. Spaces are limited – therefore, if you are new to the ‘Energising the UK battery supply chain series’, and wish to attend this workshop, please send a 50–100-word description of your work to shreya.mashru@soci.org, outlining how you fit into one of the above stakeholder categories.


Dr Graeme Fraser Bell


Dr Graeme Fraser-Bell is an international businessman with 33 years of international experience in the global battery market. After retiring from his position as VP Sales & Marketing for ENTEK International in 2012 he has since re-joined the company to lead the Sales & Marketing function world-wide for the Groups Lithium-battery separator business. After securing a First Degree in Applied Chemistry from Newcastle University he then went on to complete a D.Phil in Organo-metallic Chemistry at Oxford University followed by an MBA with Rolls Royce.

Richard Taylor

Founding director, Green Lithium

Company founder and vision behind the Green Lithium project with wide-ranging energy and natural resources market/sector knowledge built over a 10-year career with roles at Petrofac, Maersk Oil and Deloitte.
Richard is passionate about enabling our planets transition to sustainable energy and the current opportunity to develop commercially viable, localised, low - carbon supply chains within the UK and EU to support this. Richard is a thought leader and spoke at CO26 and Davos World Economic Forum on what issues, innovation, and opportunities the transition to net-zero presents.”


Monday 21 February

Welcome and introduction
David Bott, SCI
Lithium Battery Separator Technology
Dr Graeme Fraser-Bell, Entek
Graphene Enhanced Battery Materials
Sam Burrow, Anaphite
Enabling the Green Energy Transition by Building Localised Battery Supply Chains
Richard Taylor, Green Lithium
Breakout discussions
Closing remarks
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