Materials for Mobility

Established 2021

A major focus of SCI’s work is in finding solutions to the climate crisis. Many countries are working reduce CO2 emissions by banning the internal combustion engine by 2030 and this requires a dramatic shift to electric vehicles (EVs). New supply chains and new technologies are needed to rapidly to scale-up an integrated battery supply chains, to adequately support the burgeoning electric car industry.

As part of our programme to help facilitate this, SCI's battery materials community recognises the importance of chemistry and materials that are required to deliver the change to power a clean power revolution. This community works together to build new supply chains, champion the recycling of battery materials and ensure strategic materials supply for the future.

Our successful series of workshops has helped build a substantial community of organisations from industry and government. This community will be managed by a committee of practitioners and run for the benefit of all. It will hold events to communicate the latest technology, best practice in its implementation and share results from its successes.