23 February 2022

Why we ignore climate change, and what we can do about it

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Online webinar 16:00 GMT

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Climate change is the defining challenge of our time.
But are we up to this challenge? Is human nature conducive to the kind of global cooperation, long-term thinking and personal sacrifice that might be needed?

In this talk Toby will explore the psychological side of climate inaction, but also show how we can draw on behavioural science to design more effective policies, incentives and nudges. We will only be successful if we build solutions for real human beings.


Toby Park

The Behavioural Insights Team

Toby Park is the Head of Energy and Sustainability at the Behavioural Insights Team: the world's first government institution dedicated to applying behavioural science to policy problems. Now a social purpose company, we work with governments, businesses and charities to improve people's lives. Toby has a background in psychology and engineering, and works to support and encourage energy conservation, low-carbon transport, sustainable diets and agriculture, and wildlife conservation.


23 February 2022
Welcome and introductions
David Bott (Chair)
Why we ignore climate change and what we can do about it
Toby Park
Pol Hernandez (Moderator)
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