Chinese UK

Established 1992

SCI's Chinese UK Regional Group is the youngest of all SCI geographical groupings. Unlike other SCI Regional Groups whose members are drawn from the region, members of the SCI Chinese UK Group are spread throughout the country. The Group caters for the applied science interests of the Chinese diaspora.

Message from the Chair

Dr Jiawei Wang


Welcome to the SCI Chinese UK Regional Group. Since its foundation in 1992, the Group has been growing steadily, in line with the career development of our Members. We have Members with both academic and industrial backgrounds, located across the UK and coming from different walks of life.

In order to promote networking between members, we, together with the Chinese Society of Chemical Science and Technology (CSCST,, have organised an annual conference since 1994. The conference focuses on academic and social networking. Some information about our previous annual conferences can be found on the SCI and CSCST websites. Please check our calendar of events or C&I for dates of events and conferences for your diary. We are aiming to provide a platform for UK-based Chinese and worldwide chemistry-related specialists within SCI, as well as a forum for communicating with peers in other Groups. You are welcome to introduce our Group and SCI to other interested parties and people. With our joint efforts, I hope you will enjoy the opportunities the SCI Chinese UK Regional Group and SCI can offer.

Meet the Committee Officers

Dr Jiawei Wang


Dr Qian Xu


Key Facts

  • The SCI's Chinese UK Regional Group is closely associated with Chinese Society of Chemical Science and Technology (CSCST)
  • The group has run an annual conference since 1994