Data, Digitalisation and AI

Established 2020

Companies succeed by making the right product for the right cost, with the right quality and at the right time. Increasingly, they are also driven by the need to reduce their environmental (e.g. carbon, water) footprint and provide a positive impact on the environment. Digital technologies offer the ability to increase productivity, improve quality, gain more consistency and greater flexibility, and to communicate up and down the supply chain.

Industry has always measured performance. As we have acquired the ability to measure multiple aspects of a business, we have learned that once we can measure, we can monitor performance at all levels, and that if we can measure performance, we can seek to improve it.

What we are seeing now is an unprecedented and accelerated pace of change within digitally enabled manufacturing. This is down to the availability of more powerful computers, cheaper and larger data storage solutions, faster and more reliable connectivity, and cheaper and more accurate sensors.

Choosing a path through all the available ways to apply digital techniques to your company is hard. SCI is setting up a community where you can learn from those who have already started that journey. The community will be managed by a committee of practitioners and run for the benefit of all. It will hold events to communicate the latest technology, best practice in its implementation and share results from its successes.

Message from the Chair

Jeremy Frey


The digital transformation of the chemical sector has started. It will not be a quick nor simple process but has the potential to yield major gains in efficiency and sustainability. To achieve these aims we need your input. I look forward to seeing you at future meetings.

If you are interested in joining the Data, Digitalisation & AI Committee, please contact SCI's Committee Support on; e:

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Jeremy Frey



  • Digital representation of chemistry
  • Digitisation of supply chain data
  • Facilitating data driven decisions

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