Environment, Health and Safety Group

Established 2012

Message from the Acting Chair

Tim White

Acting Chair

Welcome to the webpages of the Environment, Health and Safety Group. Since the subjects we cover are central to every activity carried out by the chemical and allied industries, it is not surprising that we have one of the largest memberships of any group in the Society. It is an exciting time to be involved in the fields of Environment, Health & Safety, with emerging major issues like climate change and the impact of plastics, the development of the Circular Economy and global governance systems for the management of chemicals, not to mention the challenges of Brexit. The committee is always keen to welcome new members.

Meet the Committee Officers

Dr John Farmer

Honorary Treasurer

Dr Alan Maries

Honorary Secretary

Mr Tim White

Acting Chair

In brief

The Environment, Health and Safety Group aims to provide a forum for the discussion and sharing of information on environmental and health issues relevant to the chemical and allied industries, public authorities, academics and other interested parties. The Group was formed in late 2012 following the merger of SCI’s Environment Group (founded in 1961) with the Health and Safety Group.