The Lipids Group

Established 1951

Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair

Mr Kevin Smith


Welcome to the SCI Lipids Group (previously known as Oils and Fats) homepage. The main aim of our Group is to provide a forum for discussion of all aspects of the science and technology of lipids. This includes (but not be limited to): physical, chemical and biochemical properties, methods of analysis, health aspects, industrial production methods and industrial applications. 

We are part of the wider European community of Lipid societies and a founding member of Euro Fed Lipids, which coordinates lipids related meetings across Europe. We are part of the SCI Agri-Food Hub, and also collaborate with the Food Group in arranging meetings.

We welcome new ideas for meetings – so if you feel that a subject is worthy of more attention, whether as an evening lecture, a full-day or even a two-day meeting, then please let us know, or come along to our next AGM. Membership will be of particular interest to chemists, scientists, technologists, analysts, students and professionals involved with oils and lipids.

Recently, following our AGM meeting, we have initiated an annual Young Lipid Scientist Award (YLSA). We seek to provide encouragement to all students interested in lipid science, by offering a forum where their work can be presented and providing some small financial prizes.

Meet the Committee Officers

Gary John Sassano


Dr Kevin Smith


Andrew Stapley


In brief

The SCI Lipids (formerly Oils and Fats) Group is now a select group of some 80 or so members whose interest lies in the science and technology of oils and fats, whether related to processing or nutrition or both.