London Group

Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair

Julian Perfect


The London Group Committee works hard to be of service to its membership and play an active role in fulfilling the SCI mantra, ‘where science meets business’. Being located in the capital city, we are well placed to engage with the places of government, the many universities, headquarters of some of the largest industrial companies in the world, and a multitude of museums, galleries, and other learned societies. We actively welcome input from the membership so we can deliver something that is wanted.

I look forward to seeing more of our members at the regular meetings and lectures we organise throughout the year.

Meet the Committee Officers

Dr Fred Parrett


Mr Julian Perfect


Ted Parton


In brief

SCI's London Group is currently the largest of all SCI regional groupings, with around 1,000 members in Central and Greater London and its surrounding counties. The Group has a long and continuous history and was established shortly after the foundation of SCI itself in 1881. Its first Chairman was Sir Frederick Abel, the co-inventor of cordite.