Macro UK

Message from the Chair

Prof Dr Remzi Becer


Macro Group UK is dedicated to furthering polymer science in the UK by promoting meetings and fostering both national and international links and collaborations. 

Polymer chemistry is a diverse topic covering everything from the synthesis and characterisation of polymers and polymeric materials, properties of natural and synthetic polymers, and their uses in areas ranging from structural and electronics applications through to diagnostics and therapeutics, and to adhesives and coatings. 

As such, we are a diverse group reflecting our community. In addition, Macro Group UK is committed to the development of new polymer scientists working in industry and education through the Recent Appointees in Polymer Science (RAPS) network.

Meet the Committee Officers

Dr Nick Turner


Prof Dr Remzi Becer


Dr Tara Schiller


In brief

The Pure and Applied Macromolecular Chemistry group (Macro Group UK), is a joint interest group of SCI and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). We have more than 1,500 members drawn from academia and industry, spanning the entire career range from research student to senior positions in industry and academia.

In bringing together practitioners at every level, Macro Group UK plays an important role in influencing both the strength and direction of polymer chemistry in the UK, through organised meetings and conferences, disseminating information via a biannual newsletter, and helping to ensure a continuing ‘ecosystem’ of academic and industrial excellence in polymer science. The Macro Group has its own dedicated website.