Scott Bader joins SCI as a Corporate Partner

8 March 2021


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SCI is pleased to announce that Scott Bader has joined the SCI Corporate Partnership scheme. Scott Bader is a global manufacturer of adhesives, resins, gelcoats and functional polymers with expertise in synthetic resins and composite materials.

Founded in 1921, Scott Bader was conventionally managed for 30 years. But in 1951 a radical decision was made resulting in the creation of the Scott Bader Commonwealth, which was founded on the Quaker Principles of the company’s founder Ernest Bader. As a result Scott Bader is a common trusteeship company with a self-governing structure. Its shares are held in trust by the Scott Bader Commonwealth, having no external shareholders it cannot be acquired.

Quaker principles remain at the core of Scott Bader, including the development of individuals to achieve their full potential; equal opportunities; and the chance to be involved in social and community activities. These principles changed the fundamental structure of the company to a Commonwealth and shared out the responsibility for its long-term future to its workforce – a prime example of how a business can be run differently, while also being successful.

In 2018, Scott Bader committed to becoming a fully sustainable company through their 2036 vision. On joining the SCI partnership scheme, Mark Cooper, Group Chief Technology Officer at Scott Bader said ‘We are very pleased to join SCI as a corporate partner. We look forward to expanding and developing our relationships within the wider chemical industry and working towards a sustainable future for us all.’

Head of Strategic Partnerships, Karen Hobbs commented; ‘We are delighted to welcome Scott Bader as the newest member of the SCI Corporate Partnership scheme. For the past 100 years, Scott Bader has proven a unique and successful approach to doing business. With this partnership we look forward to supporting them with our open and collaborative network, as they drive towards their sustainable future.’

If you would like to discuss joining any of SCI’s Partnership schemes, which also include SME Partnership, Academic Partnership and Associate Membership, please contact SCI’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, Karen Hobbs, at: to arrange an introductory meeting.

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