Carbon in Industry Award

Established 2010

The Carbon in Industry Award seeks to recognise the contribution made by leading industrial scientists and engineers to carbon science and technology such as any significant contribution to developmental work, pre-commercialisation, and/or promoting interaction with other sectors of society, e.g. public understanding of science.

Award Information

Medal History

The Carbon in Industry Award was established in 2010 and is run by the British Carbon Group Committee. The award includes a medal, lecture and a certificate. Reasonable travel expenses will be paid by the British Carbon Group.


Nominations are now requested without the knowledge of the candidate and with a supporting 250-500 word citation. Self-nomination is not permitted. Nominations should be submitted electronically to Nassia Tzelepi (via the blue button above).

Lecture Details

The Carbon in Industry Award consists of a medal, lecture and a certificate, and is presented at a British Carbon Group meeting, usually the Christmas meeting. The recipient will also present an award lecture outlining their contribution to carbon in industry.

2017 Recipient - Harry Swan

Harry Swan is the 4th generation of the Swan family to work at Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. and has been Managing Director since 2006. He was awarded the Carbon in Industry Award on the day, for his contributions to carbon science and technology, specifically in recognition of his work in bringing graphene from the laboratory to the market. See more here.

Eligibility Criteria

    • Independent scoring against the criteria of track record, citation submitted, and industrial impact
    • Awardee will hold the respect of their colleagues
    • Their contribution is well-known in their particular field
    Career Stage
    • More than 10 years' industrial experience
    • Made a significant contribution / impact within an industrial sector by the creation of knowledge (e.g. evidenced by patents, development of industrial plant, etc.)
    • Have shown excellence and a high degree of industrial leadership within their organisation by making a significant impact upon the UK's social, environmental and economic well-being
    • Carbon science
    • Carbon technology
    • Agrifood
    • Pre-commercialisation
    • Promoting interaction with other sectors


Nominations open Ongoing
Nominations close 1 September 2021

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