Ubbelohde Lectures

Established 2006

Initiated at the 2006 Carbon Conference in Aberdeen, the Ubbelohde Memorial Lectures were established in memory of Professor AR Ubbelohde from Imperial College London, in recognition of his enormous impact on the field of carbon science.

Prof Ubbelohde had a wide interest over a range of topics in physics and chemistry but is chiefly remembered for his outstanding work on carbon, especially graphite and its intercalation compounds. He worked on this over many years, initially at Queen's University, Belfast, and then at Imperial College, London. He then pioneered the production of Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG) in the Carbon Research laboratory at Imperial College, where the properties of this material were investigated extensively and samples sent to many other laboratories.

He was an inspirational teacher and supervisor, who left a legacy of many generations of his research students and associates.

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Award History

The Ubbelohde Lectures were established in 2006 in honour of Professor AR Ubbelohde.
He was recognised internationally for this work and was also one the founders, and Chair for many years, of the Industrial Carbon and Graphite Group of the Society of Chemical Industry, which merged with the Carbon Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Physics to form the present British Carbon Group (BCG).
The quadrennial London Conferences on Carbon and Graphite that he initiated became major international events and were fore-runners of the present annual international Carbon Conferences.

Eligibility Criteria

    • Authority in Carbon Science
    Career Stage
    • Mid – Late Career
    • Graphite and carbon materials


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Code of Ethics for Members

Ubbelohde Lecture - Image credit: Researchgate.net, From Ref. 32; Courtesy of JSTOR

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