Past Recipients - Ubbelohde Lectures

Year Recipient Paper
2016 Prof Eleanor Campbell FRS 'From Free-Flying Fullerene to Carbon Aerogels'
2015 Prof Peter Thrower '55 years developing an understanding of defects in graphite'
2014 Dr Chris Ewels 'Atomic-scale nanocarbon design: An alliance of microscopy and modelling'
2013 Prof Francisco Rodriguez-Reinoso 'The uniqueness of activated carbon for gas separation and storage'
2012 Prof John Patrick 'Coal - Just another carbon material'
2009 Prof Mildred S Dresselhaus 'Developments in optical spectroscopy of carbon nanomaterials'
2008 Prof Steve Tennison 'Nanoporous Carbons - Past, Present and Future'
2006 Sir Harold Kroto 'Architecture in Nanospace'

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