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Baekeland Lecture

Year Recipient         Lecture
2003 J Feast 'Branching Polymerisations and Branched Polymers: Baekeland's Legacy and Some Recent Developments
1999 J Higgins  
1994 P H Plesch 'Alginates and Rubbers and Catalysts and Rings'
1992 O Wichterle 'Soft Contact Lenses'
1983 D G H Ballard 'Polyethylene: One of the Teaching Polymers'
1979 V Stannett 'Aspects of Radiation-lnduced Polymerisation and Grafting'
1973 G Smets 'General Review on Photo-Responsive Polymers'
1968 N J L Megson 'Leo H Baekeland and the Chemistry of Phenolic Resins'
1963 R Houwink 'At Ghent the Bells are Pealing'
1959 H Mark 'Recent Progress in Polymer Chemistry'
1955 C E K Mees 'Leo H Baekeland and Photographic Printing Papers'
1948 J Kendall 'Leo H Baekeland and the Development of Phenolic Plastics'
1945 H V Potter 'Leo H Baekeland - The Story of his Life'

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