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Lampitt Medal

Year Recipient
2019 Dr Alan Baylis
2017 Sir Geoffrey Allen
2013 David Evans
2012 Diane Brown
2010 John Bensted
Geoff Fowler
2009 Peter Hambleton
John Farmer
2008 Ralph Timms
Prabhu Kulkarni
2007 John Beacham
2005 Caroline S Cordery
2004 Alan Heaton
2003 Michael Cox
2002 A K Barbour
John W Figg
2001 David D Green
A Jennifer Mordue (Luntz)
2000 Leonard G Copping
Peter C B Roberts
1999 R A Stephenson
1998 N Blakebrough
1997 D W Broad
Christopher A Finch
R J Hamilton
1996 A C Baskett
W J Rosenfelder
1995 G J Lewis
C J Weeks
1994 D Hicks
A L Smith
1993 D F Hudig
J Melling
1992 M B Green
M C Hyde
1991 R A Holland
J M Wentworth
1990 J D Cousin
1988 D W Heywood
1987 K S W Sing
1986 I D Morton
1984 A J Low
1983 K G Kimber
1980 J B M Coppock
1978 H Egan
1975 W E Cowley
A Pollard
1972 J J H Hastings
1971 H Hayhurst
1969 F Gamble
1968 J H Harwood
M K Schwitzer
1967 N G W Luitsz
1965 H K Cameron
W G Overend
E L Streatfield
1963 Lt Col Potter
1962 T P Hilditch
1961 J R Jarratt
1959 J A Cranston
G King
A Marsden
H Talbot
T W Smith

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