Past recipients - Seligman Fellows

Year Recipient Project title
2016 David Phinney
Ohio State University
'Identifying and quantifying residual nano-foulant after clean in place (CIP) using atomic force microscopy', University of Birmingham
ProfileProject report
2014 Gabriel Finten
University of Buenos Aires
'An objective comparison between high hydrostatic pressure and a thermal treatment as blanching methods in leafy vegetables processing', University of Reading
ProfileProject report
2013 Matteo Bosi
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
'Reducing waste in wine-making', University of Reading
Project report
2012 Alexander Warning
Cornell University
'Food safety modelling', University of Reading
Project report
2011 Swati Kadam
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
'Modeling of rice cooking process using finite elements using COMSOL Multiphysics', University of Birmingham
Profile – Project report
2010 Eliana Fissore
'Characterisation and functional properties of pectins isolated from pumpkins and red beet', Glyndwr University
ProfileProject report
Artem Pastukhov
Kansas State University
'Bread cooling', University of Reading
Project report
2009 Pramod Rai
Birsa Agricultural University
'Respiration behaviour of mixed salad and the role of relative humidity in modified atmosphere packaging of fresh cut fruit and vegetables', University of Reading
Project report
2008 Nara Cardoso Barato
University of Campinas
University of Reading
Pierre MT Akely
Université d'Abobo-Adjamé
'Mechanical Pressing of Fermented Cassava Paste During Attieke Processing', University of Reading
Project report
2007 Prabhat K Nema
Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University
'Potato glycoalkaloids: formation and strategies for mitigation', University of Reading
Project report
Jatindra K Sahu
Assam University
'Reduction in oil absorption in snack foods', University of Reading
Project report
2006 Pradeepta Kumar Sahoo
Bidhan Chandra Agricultural University
'Poly electrolyte screening effects on the dissolution of whey gels at high pH conditions', University of Cambridge
Project report
2005 Goigo Bodi
Marilyn Rayner
2004 Gabriel I Okafor
'Thermal processing techniques', University of Reading
Project report
Ewa Jakubczyk
'Transient development of whipped cream properties', University of Reading
Project report
Irfan Ansari

2003 R Raghupathy
2002 Irfan Ansari
2001 Adriana Rocha
Jason Hindmarsh
2000 Langxin Liu
Ali Topçu
Jirarat Tattiyakul
1999 Zaina Zainal
1998 Nataliya Bovkun
Marco Falsone
1997 A T K Kamden
N K Rastogi
1996 S A Barruso de la Parra
G Gutierrez-Lopez
1995 J L Lu
1994 Wuji Zhang
1993 Saiwarun Chaiwanichsiri

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