Process Chemistry Award

Established 2005

This award recognises outstanding work carried out by a UK-based academic in the development of significant new synthetic methodology, process technology, or reaction understanding such that it has the potential to become useful for the manufacture of an active pharmaceutical ingredient or agrochemicals on scale.

The award is sponsored jointly by AstraZeneca, GSK and Syngenta and includes a financial contribution to support the recipient’s future research efforts.

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Award Information


Nominations should highlight valuable, industry-relevant research of either a colleague, or yourself.

Nominations should include a brief summary (1 page maximum) of the research achievements of the nominee which are in line with the scope outlined above. Nominees should be based in the UK and can be at any stage in their career.

Proposals should be in either word or pdf format and should be sent to by 30 November 2023. Updated submissions relating to nominations from previous years are welcome.

Presentation Details

The award consists of a monetary prize and an invitation to speak at the 40th SCI Process Development Symposium to be held Cambridge over 12th – 14th April 2024.

Eligibility Criteria

    • UK-based academic
    Career Stage
    • Any stage
    • Synthetic methodology
    • Process technology


Applications open September 2023
Applications close 30 November 2023
Frequency Annual

Additional Information

Code of Ethics for Members

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